Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) given to us by Parents/Guardians:

What is the main focus of the Program?
You are now part of an Elite Competition team.  Members that are dedicated to the sport of gymnastics, dance, stunts and jumps.

How and when can parents contact you?
Coaches numbers will be given to you at the beginning of the season.
You may contact the director at anytime: 
Lorrie Wallis
(315) 245-2686 

What is the #1 thing parents should do to show support and interest in this sport?
Be responsible, be a great role model.  If you have your child arrives on time regularly then the child is secure and will perform well at practice without feeling pressured or behind. You may get involved, just ask how.

Are there restrictions on parent attendance at practice?
We have the parent section that you may stay in and watch through the glass.  During competition season we close the curtains for privacy and safety of the team.  Also, gives the coaches a chance to work with the team without interference.

What qualifications do the coaches have?
All coaches have experience in coaching cheerleading.  We have ongoing training outside the gym for the coaches.  We travel to cheer expos to attend classes and take certified courses along with judging courses.  We have CPR certified coaches at every level.

What is the total financial commitment for each athlete? Are there optional fees parents should know about?
All prices are listed in paperwork you receive at the first mandatory parent meeting or at sign ups.  If you are absent for this meeting it is your responsibility to retrieve this packet of information.  Optional fees include such things as sweatpants; hoodies; extra tee shirts; cheer bags and other additional clothing sold in the pro shop.  Please be aware of the financial commitment.  As the team starts their season it is important that all members are in the game.  If one member quits part way through the season, the entire routine must change which is hard on the coaches and members.  Please be respectful of this.

On top of the monthly fee there is a uniform & sneaker expense.  Everyone purchases their own uniform and sneakers.  Next season you may trade, sell or keep your uniform for another season.

How do we pay our monthly expenses?
Accounts will be placed in each member’s mailbox at the beginning of each month.  Payments are due by the 5th of each month. Late fee of $10 will be charged on each account with a balance after the 10th of each month.

What happens if I fall behind on payments?
You will be charged the late fee and if by the end of the month the account is not current the child will start sitting out of practices.  If accounts are not current by 12/31 the child does not perform at the first competition and will be pulled from the team.

Do team expenses include travel and hotels for members and parents?
NO, Parents are responsible for this expense and keep your child with you until the coaches sets a time to meet.

What is the total time commitment for members?
Each team has different days and times, see your paperwork or ask at front desk.   We may require additional practices as competitions get close.

A crossover is a member that wishes to be included on another team to help out.  The extra cost are the competition fee’s only.  These will be charged to the child’s account.

How do parents keep informed on all aspects of the teams?
We have 6 parent meetings a year held at the gym, you are encouraged to attend.  We will notify you by text or email when needed and we have a private facebook page.  Please leave your email or phone number at front desk if you are not receiving the weekly messages.

How do we know what is due and when it is due?
You will receive a monthly statement.  If there is a negative balance it must be paid by the 10th of that month.  Late fees are applied after that. You may ask at the front desk for your balance at any time but we only print once a month. It is your responsibility to retrieve your payment at the front desk. You may pay by credit card.

Can my child be a flyer?
The coaches will determine who will fly.  If you want your child to be a better rounded cheerleader we offer flexibility classes which is a part of a PRIVATE LESSON.

Cost for Private lessons and what is included?
Lessons – $15 for a half hour session.  It can be Flexibility; Gymnastics; Stretching; jumps; cheer skills, etc.

Any refunds if my child terminates her position on the team?
NO refunds. If you quit or are removed from a team for any reason you will not receive a refund of any kind and if it is after choreography camp you will be assessed a $250 termination fee.  If you have a credit that remains on your account after expenses you can use that for private lessons or gymnastics.  If not used within one year the credit on your account goes back to North Star.

What if my child is unable to participate at a competition?
Automatic dismissal from the team unless for medical reasons.  The tentative competition schedule is posted for two months, so you know well in advance if you have a vacation planned.  All members MUST attend the last two practices before a competition as well.   IF they miss a practice, they attend with their team to competition but sit out of the routine for the competition. If you are out on Medical leave and the team wins jackets, trophies or rings you are not eligible for that item as they have to participate to get the award(your monthly fees will seize if out for the season but still responsible for competition fees paid in advance).

All Star Cheerleading is a competitive sport that requires performing a 2 minute 30 second routine composed of tumbling, stunting, pyramids, dancing and spirit.  Parents and athletes should be aware that all-star cheerleading is a large time commitment.  Practices tend to be 2-3 hours, 2-3 times a week which usually includes tumbling instruction.  ALL practices are mandatory due to the fact that many elements of a routine cannot be successfully completed without everyone at practice!



Memorial Day Weekend                     Thanksgiving Day                    New Year’s Eve
July 4th Day                                          Christmas Eve                         New Year’s Day
Labor Day Weekend                            Christmas Day                         Easter Sunday

We are not part of any school so we do not close for all holidays.  If there is a snow day that doesn’t mean we here at the North Star Gym are closed.  You will receive a text/email if we close the gym due to weather.